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Lana Del Rey Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Lana Del Rey

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With her hit single "Video Games" in 2011, Lana Del Rey became one of the most popular artists. With her languid melancholic tunes and fascinating videos, she's built a body of work since then. Lana Del Rey Age

Lana Del Rey's music tends to be vulnerable, emotional, and nostalgic for the past. She first became known as Lana Del Rey with the song "Video Games," a homemade music video she made in 2011. She has also been criticized for songs featuring female submissiveness and self-destruction. The singer has a large fan base and has sold millions of albums, including Ultraviolence in 2014 and Lust for Life in 2017.

Del Rey was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant on June 21, 1985, in New York City. Del Rey's parents were working in advertising in New York City when she was born but left that life behind to move to Lake Placid, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains when Del Rey was a baby. She grew up with a younger brother and sister. Her sister, photographer Caroline "Chuck" Grant, shot the Lust for Life album cover and has taken promotional photos of Del Rey.

During the years when she was still known as Lizzy Grant, Del Rey worked open mic nights and club gigs to start her career. Her first signing was with the indie label 5 Points after entering a songwriting competition, but she didn't win, but a judge guided her in creating a demo. Del Rey moved into a trailer park in New Jersey after earning $10,000 in this deal.

The fourth studio album by Del Rey is entitled "Honeymoon". The song's music video was directed and edited by her. On July 14, 2015, she released its first title track. Since I made the video myself, you haven't seen the complete video for 'Honeymoon.' Maybe I won't since I didn't put it out yet." that's what she said about the video.

 Among the merchandise available for "The Endless Summer Tour" was a book containing the lyrics of the song.

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